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The Story of love : stories about true love - You are mine Part 2

 The Story of love : stories about true love - You are mine Part 2


The Story of love
The Story of love

Keshav was getting late in reaching home, he was looking at his watch again and again, his boss Abani was noticing him sitting by his side

Abni asked him "What happened Keshav ji, why are you looking at the clock again and again?"

Keshav smiled and said "No no, nothing, she is mine, hmm nothing, madam"

Understanding his mood, Abni asked, "Tell me, why are you panicking, has something happened?"

Looking at the car window, Keshav said, "No, madam nothing happened."

Keshav kept looking at the window, the weather was about to get bad, the raindrops of light rain were falling on the glass of the car.

Abni looked out of the window and said, "Keshav, look how nice the weather is, it's raining, it's looking so beautiful."

Keshav looked at Abni and then said "Yes, yes ma'am, the weather is good, very nice"

Abani again looked at Keshav's face and said "Keshav, you are not panicking, you are late so, will the wife say anything?"

Keshav felt that he would be encouraged in front of Madam if he accepts this.

Keshav said "No ma'am my wife can't tell me anything, she knows that I am often late in office work, and anyway I don't give her that much lift"

"Oh wow what is it like?" said Abni in praise of Keshav.

Then for a while there was silence in the car, suddenly Keshav felt the touch of a gentle hand on his hand,

The hairs of his body stood up, he looked at Abni and saw Abni was holding his hand.

Before Keshav could say anything, Abni said, "Look, Keshav, how nice the weather is, let's sip a cup of kulhad bali tea."

Keshav lightly changed his position and said, "Mam where will you get tea in this season?"

Abni said "Why are you worrying about him?"

Now Abni looked forward to the driver and said "Rustam Bhaiya, if you see a tea stall somewhere on the highway, stop the car."

Rustam immediately said "Ji madam".

Abni was still holding Keshav's hand, Keshav was feeling uncomfortable with this action of Abani.

Abni was Keshav's boss in his office, the age must have been around 40 years, but seeing no one in front used to judge him less than a beautiful actress, Abni was divorced, he also had a daughter, His age was 17 years.

Abni still kept her beauty in check, her whole body was very attractive, her broad and round chest from above used to add to her beauty. Long black thick hair, thick round hair and thin nose, was not less than a innings in sight.

The Story of love
The Story of love

Keshav was still running the horse of his imagination that he felt the pressure on his hand.

Abani said "Come on down, see the tea stall has come"

Now Keshav's hand was free, Keshav was now breathing a long sigh of relief.

Behind Keshav, Abni got down from the car.

And Abni now stood inside the tapri of the shut from Keshav.

It was still raining raindrops, the weather was cold too, so Keshav found it comfortable to stand close to him now, both of them stood in the same posture.

Take your tea, madam, and the tea boy caught all the three axes one by one,

Now all the three people including the driver started enjoying the sips of tea.

Once again having tea, Karthik looked at his watch, it was 8:30 PM. He was now worried about Antara.

Was thinking that today Antara is not calling even once, and the most surprising thing is that she has not received any message or call even after being so late. Above is sitting with her phone switched off.

 Is it sitting or else...... Oh my God what do I even start thinking. Why is this not calling?

Tring Tring Tring Tring......

“Where are you missing Keshav… your phone?” said Abni, nudging him with her nudge.

"Oh I didn't hear it," said Keshav, taking out the phone from his pocket.

He was getting a call from an unknown number. The screen of his phone was clearly visible to Abni too.

The Story of love
The Story of love

keshav received the call

Keshav - Hello, who

"I am speaking, have you forgotten your way home today sir" was Antara's voice from there.

Ohhh Keshav heard Antara's bitter voice but she was still waiting for the whole day.

Keshav said while in relax mode "Hmm that I have to suddenly come to a nearby city for business meeting today, so it's late, well why didn't you call today, and why your number is not working"

Antara said in a loud voice "I broke the phone"

Keshav's bp was high but he asked while controlling "May I know why you have done this auspicious work"

Antar replied "just because of you"

Keshav said "Great, well done, keep it up"

On hearing this, Antara was furious with anger, she did not have such expectation from Keshav,

Keshav said to him "It will take more time for me to come, so you go to sleep after eating, and the call is cut"

Keshav put the phone in his pocket and moved towards the car and saw that Abni is going ahead alone on the road.

Keshav called to her, "Abni mam, where are you going, come, you have to reach home, and anyway it looks like a storm is coming."

 Abni looked back and said "Let it come, let whatever comes today"

Keshav kept looking at Abni in surprise...

Story will be continue...

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