, pub-3595068494202383, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 The Story of love : stories about true love - You are mine Part 3

The Story of love : stories about true love - You are mine Part 3

The Story of love : stories about true love - You are mine Part 3

The Story of love : stories about true love
The story of love

After a while the She came back and I sat down in the car.. Now the car was running,,

Keshav said "Mem the weather is getting very bad, and you don't know where.."

Abni smiled and said "Are you so naive at all or are you trying to make up"

Keshav asked in surprise, "Hey, was there a washroom here, I had to go to lighten up, so I had gone."

Keshav now made a lifeless face and kept sitting.

The car was able to move some distance ahead and the weather was starting to change its mood.. The rain was about to come with a strong storm, this information was also being given on the internet, still their city was 30 minutes away..

As soon as his car entered the city, it started raining with a very strong storm, the storm was so strong that street lights and trees were falling on the road itself, there was an atmosphere of chaos all around in the city. The rain was continuously increasing its speed. The whole city was filled with jams of vehicles.

"Oh sit, what to do now, such a long jam, these strong cold winds from above, how to do what?" said Abni in a painful voice

Rustam said "Mem now it seems that you have to spend the night in the car."

"Oh please Rustam brother don't say that, I am very scared" said Abni.

Keshav was not saying anything but inside he was very chatty, he had to reach his house in any condition, his wife was very angry, if he did not reach home, he did not know what to think and did not know what to do in anger. What harm will it do?

Anyway, for two days, she was carrying a misunderstanding inside her, regarding the relationship between Keshav and Naina.

Even today, you must be knowing that Keshav will be with Naina only.

Keshav was getting restless because of thinking.

After standing for about 40 minutes, there was no hope that the city jam would end today, it was just a light rain.

Keshav was also upset, was not speaking much, then Rustom said "Madam say one thing"

Abni said "Brother, you speak, you are not saying anything"

Rustom said "Madam, there is a hotel nearby from here, people are running here and there, if you want, book a room or you will not get anything later and you will have to adjust in the car itself."

"Brother, you're right, I don't think it's going to be normal anytime soon" said Abani.

Rustam said "So let me see if there is any empty room"

Abni said "yes please brother go away"

Rustom goes

The Story of love : stories about true love
The story of love

Keshav was sitting with his eyes closed, resting his head on the head of the sheet, he was getting tired, and tension too, that's why his head was hurting. When he saw him like this, holding his shoulder and shaking asked, "Keshav, are you okay?"

Keshav said without opening his eyes, "Yes mam, just a little headache."

Abni expressed concern and said "Oh, I have a pan killer but no water"

Keshav said "Let it be, mam, it will be fine now, if I will take some rest"

"Bring you, then I will give you a light head massage, maybe you will get relief"

Keshav kept calm and started thinking, is madam hitting a line at me, maybe, since when am I watching, she is doing something or the other.

Seeing Keshav calm down, Abni felt that perhaps Keshav also wanted the same.

Without losing a moment, she put her soft hands on Keshav's forehead, and started giving head massage.

After a few moments, Keshav started thinking, there is magic in Madam's hands, the head massage has not even been done yet, and the headache has gone away.

Now Keshav was feeling good in his heart. Now he closed his eyes again and started enjoying himself with the head massage of Abni's soft hands.

Abani continued to do the magic of his hands on Keshav's body without stopping, Keshav was delighted to get the touch of Abni's soft and delicate hands, while diving in the same stream of bliss, his eyes were fixed.

When Abani also felt that Keshav was not reacting now, he went to Keshav's ear and softly called him "How are you feeling now Keshav"

Abni's delicate and juicy lips were so close to Keshav's ear that his hot breath was enough to feel the skin around his ear, as soon as Abni's hot breath hit around Keshav's ear, Keshav was inside A different attraction arose and the hairs of his body stood up.

Now Keshav did not even want to move his lips and kept waiting for what would happen next,

Abni felt that Keshav had really fallen asleep, and said to himself, "Maybe I gave Keshav too much head massage, so he fell asleep."

Now Abni was feeling completely lonely, was getting bored, she was not even trying to wake Keshav.

He looked down the lead of the car window, it was still raining, nothing was visible except the lights of the vehicles.

Almost the street lights were either faulty or damaged.

The Story of love : stories about true love
The story of love

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