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Romantic Love Story - Music Love and Connection (EP-3)


Romantic Love Story - Music Love and Connection (EP-3)

The story of Love :

Virat was driving the car but his attention was still caught in Ananya's dance moves, Ananya's flexing waist and her thick black hair in the moving condition waving in the wind were coming intermittently in her mind. The speed of the car was increasing continuously, and Virat was not paying attention at all, he did not know that the speed meter of his car had gone above 120, Richa was noticing everything sitting on the nearby ear sheet, she understood It was over today once again Virat has suffered a love attack, it is not correct, he sees any girl immediately falls flat, and I am on one side, do I not see it or is it intentional tax ignores me?

Richa was constantly looking at Virat, and on the other hand, Virat was smiling in his lips, lost in his own thoughts.

In this, because of being a breaker ahead, the Bali car applied brakes in front of Virat, Virat's attention was somewhere else,

Richa cried loudly "Virat look in front"

When Virat's dream was broken, he saw that his car was about to hit the car in front, then Virat quickly controlled the car and applied the brakes loudly, (Break Ground Music)

The brakes were so strong that Richa went straight from her seat and went into the front lead.

Virat somehow saved the car from colliding but Richa got hurt in his head.

"Richa, are you alright?" asked Virat while parking the car on the side.

"Yes" said Richa in a painful voice holding her head.

"Oh sit man your head is hurting" said Virat, placing his hand on Richa's head.

Richa said, "Virat, leave me, you have not hurt anywhere"

Virat said to Richa while sitting right on the sheet "No I am fine"

Richa said "Where were you lost Virat, if you had collided now"

A little nervous, Virat said, "I was not thinking about what to do tomorrow."

"Dude, don't think so much, take care of yourself too" Richa said expressing concern and love.

Now Virat smiled and said "Why are you worrying so much about me"

"You will not understand, let it be," said Richa looking at Virat.

"I'm not that stupid," said Virat with a slight smile.

"Okay, now people have become wiser," said Richa in a merry voice.

"Don't pull your leg now man" said Virat

Now Virat started the car from the other side and started driving,

And then dropped Richa outside his house and then left for his house.

Virat was in the same condition even after reaching home, now he was going to do anything, today he was seeing only Ananya, sometimes Ananya's dance moves and sometimes thank you with Ananya's love, lips wearing pink color lipstick, today Virat was living in a different world, perhaps Virat's mind seemed too much in that world.

 For once, Virat was shocked when Bo washed his face in his washroom and came in front of the mirror, seeing Ananya instead of himself, coming out of his thoughts, smiling Virat in his room. Came and took out his phone, a small clip that Virat had secretly recorded of Ananya's dance was being played again and again and was being seen smiling.

Despite mother's repeated calls, she could not hear anything, her mother was calling her for dinner, but she was not even hungry today. Even after giving voice two or three times, he did not listen, so his mother went to his room suddenly.

"Virat my love, what happened, since when am I calling"

Virat kept his phone down and said "hey mom, nothing, what is that not an annual function in college so we are participating, was a little busy for the same"

Virat's mother sat beside him and said "thats great, so what are you doing"

Virat said "mom we are playing a musical"

Virat's mother said "nice, but for now let's have dinner"

"Mom you come, I'll come" said Virat

After a while, Virat reaches the dining hall below, there already his father Subhash Roy and his mother Anita Roy were waiting for him sitting at the dining table.

Virat said "Hello dead, hey you guys haven't started eating yet"

 Subhash Roy said "It ever happened that we ate food without you, come fast, getting hungry"

Virat said "sure papa, lets start"

All the three people together finished the dinner, then after talking for a while went to their respective rooms.

After coming to the room, Virat again lost in Ananya's thoughts and started making pulao, he picked up his phone again and then watched the video of Ananya's dance many times, then do not know when he falls asleep in his thoughts. |

The next day almost all the students had come to the practice hall and had started preparing with their respective mentors. Virat was also engaged in rehearsals with his group members rubbing his eyes, as well as his eyes would stop again and again on the members of Vikram's group sitting in front of him in the hall, then one by one he looked at all the members, but The face he wanted to see was not visible. Seeing Virat peeping here and there again and again, his friends understood that why Virat time has come today, otherwise Mr. Never used to come on time, be it class, then friends' birthday party or any personal party of his own. , did not attend until friends made them wait for an hour.

Alok said, "What is the matter, today something seems incomplete, maybe no one has come"

Harshit said with a wink, "What do you want to say bro, today your Virat has nothing to do with anyone, so today the cable is going to focus on its work."

Alok said, "I have not even taken Virat's name, I am talking about someone else."

Harshit said "Is your heart also beating for Ananya madam"

Alok laughed and said, "We will also have good days.

Virat was playing his guitar ignoring those people, he thought I was the face of cable Ananya, Virat was playing the guitar as if Ananya was dancing to the tune of his guitar, Virat lost himself completely had happened

Then Richa pointed to the front gate and said, "Aa gaye achhe din"

Ananya was approaching the front gate, gasping with sharp steps, and quickly approached Vikram.

Everyone looked in front and started laughing,

Wearing his glasses, Rishabh said, "Oh wow ma'am has a very long life, was talking about that and madam is present"

Ananya went to Vikram and said "Sorry sir, I am late today."

Vikram turned his attention to Ananya and said "why so late".

Ananya said "Sir actually there was some work at home today"

The students sitting on hearing Ananya's answer started laughing.

Ananya hesitated and said again "Can I sit here"

Vikram said "Yes today you have to sit, because you lost your time slot"

Seeing Vikram's attitude, Ananya did not say anything further and secretly went to the side and sat down.

Vikram asks Aditi to continue, and their rehearsals begin with music, Vikram starts learning dance moves.

Now Virat did not feel like it, he wanted to see Ananya's dance once again, and wanted to include her in his Shaw with him,

Harshit said to Virat, "Look, if you see her again and again, she will become numb, first let her dance, then watch her, till then work on her script."

And once again Alok and Virat started focusing on their script together.

Richa was guiding them and the rest were performing the instrument, after the first half of the script was over.

Richa applauded and said "nice well done guys you are doing well"

On requesting Ananya once again, she tells her yes to dance practice but gives her time after lunch, Ananya agrees to that too, because Ananya did not want to lose this chance, till then She went to the canteen to have lunch with her friend Deepa.

After a while the students started going to the canteen in groups to have some food and drink.

Then Alok said, "Brother is not playing anymore, I am feeling hungry now."

Richa also supported and said, "Yes man, now I should get something to eat."

Virat said while doing his guitar side "Come on Alok, we bring something for them"

Alok and Virat walked towards the canteen and the rest kept on playing their instruments.

As soon as he went to the canteen, Alok first ordered food for himself and quickly sat down with samosas and chutney, Virat's eyes fell on Ananya sitting with one of his friends on the table in front, Virat started going there, then Alok gave him Interrupted and said, "Where are you going now, eat quickly, both people are also waiting."

Virat said while walking "you eat and get packed, I will come"

Alok while concentrating on his food said "Yes go, we say first then see"


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