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Romantic Love Story - Music Love and Connection (EP-4)


Romantic Love Story - Music Love and Connection (EP-4)

The story of Love :

Virat reaches to Ananya sitting on the table in front,

Virat shakes hands "Hi"

Ananya first finishes the rice in her mouth and says "Hello Virat, come sit down"

Virat sits on the front chair while saying thanks.

Ananya starts asking "Will you have paratha or rice?"

Virat smiles and says "Thanks, I'll get the sandwich ordered."

Ananya looks at Virat and says, "Hey why, when you have home cooked food, why would you go from here?"

Virat starts laughing and says "If I eat your food you will be hungry"

Ananya laughingly says "My stomach is not that big, you can eat"

Virat also smiled and said, "Ok, I will eat".

Ananya started saying hey, I have forgotten, this Deepa, meet her, she is my friend.

When Virat said hi, Deepa also wished him by saying hello.

Ananya starts telling Deepa that yesterday Virat had encouraged her a lot while I was dancing.

Virat asked "What happened, how is your dance practice going?"

Ananya said, "Today I am late, so Vikram sir has given me time after lunch."

Virat said "Why since when did this happen, I always go late, I often get late"

Ananya said "Vikram sir is very good at time, let's be late"

Virat said "its ok, I wanted to see you agin while you are dancing"

Ananya smiled and said "Thanks, sure".

Ananya again asked "You didn't tell what you are performing"

Virat said "we are playing music"

Ananya said "that's nice"

Virat said "thanks"

Till then Alok was standing with packed food in both his hands and was saying "Sir, you are free, I am going to pay the bill"

Virat said "Okay you come on, I will come after paying the bill"

Seeing this, Ananya said "Go, your friends are waiting for you."

Virat said "yes I go" and started paying the bill at the front counter.

Ananya and Deepa were still sitting at the table, and Ananya started telling Deepa about Virat that she had met yesterday.

Till then Virat comes to them again.

Ananya starts saying "Hey you haven't gone"

Virat said "Yes, I was going that I remembered something"

"What?" asked Ananya.

Virat smiled again and said "Forgot to pay your bill"

Ananya looked at Deepa in surprise and said, "Our bill, which bill"

Virat laughed and said "Dude I have eaten your food, haven't you?"

Ananya started smiling now and said "nice joke"

Virat said "No joke, if you are free after practice, then walk with me to eat something in the evening"

Ananya laughed and said, "Aaj nani again sometime"

Virat smiles and says "its ok I will wait for that day"

After saying that Virat leaves from there and then Ananya and Deepa also leave from there after a while.

When those people came to the hall, there was an announcement that tomorrow the list of students participating in the Higher Management and the list of their programs is to be known and then a day later after seeing the program of the Board Committee of Higher Management, the final list will be given. The participant who will come in the final list will get a chance to perform in front of the famous personalities as well as live telecast of their performance.

In such a situation, Ananya did not want to lose this opportunity under any circumstances, so she once again stepped up to the dance floor to dance with full enthusiasm but she was stopped by her mentor Vikram, and before Ananya asked. He asked Ananya to sit down and refused to utter a word, after all, what happened in a short time that Vikram refused to dance her, Ananya was getting upset thinking that somewhere Isn't this bastard Aditi's hand behind this????


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