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Horror stories short : horror story for reading


Horror stories short : horror stories for reading - Horror Story Part - 1

Horror stories short : horror story for reading -

      Outside the village, the road leads to the city, the road is completely in a tight condition, it is better to walk than to walk on a cycle or motor cycle, on that road, about 3 hours to cover the distance from the village to the city It takes time, if one has to go to the city and also come back, then one has to go in the early morning, otherwise one has to stay somewhere in the city itself, in this long distance road hardly few houses are reached or you say to drink water. is the only means of

   I was 12th college, being in the city, I was unable to commute from the city everyday, so papa decided that I would have to study in the city, from time to time someone from home would visit me, the next day Only Papa and I went to the city and got a room near the college on rent in the house of a father's acquaintance, and also got all the necessary items,

I was also happy, and started studying hard, sometimes mother and sometimes sister used to come to me, like this 4 to 5 months passed,

        One day in the evening at around 6 o'clock I was coming back from college, I saw Saloni on the street corner and a friend of hers was hanging her bag, I thought someone else would be there, let's walk nearby and see, Hey this is Saloni,

Saloni didi - I went near and raised my voice, what are you doing here,

Didi - Hey Deepak, you got it well, otherwise we would have stood by you, there was nothing to go home, that's why,

So what will you do now, come with me in the room, stay the same, otherwise there is nothing to know - I said

  Come on, how far is it?

This is the only way for 10 minutes from here,

How was it so late - I asked

There was some program in college today and sir had taken extra class, anyway we come to take classes only once or twice a month - said Saloni

  Fareen why are you not saying anything?

Nothing but just like that - got a reply from Fareen.

Talks were going on that where Bo lived was already home.

     Was it locked in the house, I was inside the neighborhood Bali sister-in-law, I asked to come inside and the key was with her, when I asked, she told that all the people of that house where I lived did some important work. Have gone to the village from here, will probably come by tomorrow, and haven't gone to tell much,

I came out, opened the lock of my house and went to my room.

  I asked Didi to sit, and I started lighting the house lights,

As soon as I went out of the room to light the earring, I felt something alive.

I felt that someone is standing behind me, I looked back and saw no one, I quickly started going to my room,

As soon as I went inside, Saloni and Fareen were seen doing something in the kitchen, I asked what are you making, I do not want to eat lentils and roti, are looking for goods for the same,

Everything is kept the same, I asked.

No, we will find you, do some other work of your own, okay I sat down saying,

  Just as I was sitting I heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom tank on the roof of the house, I immediately started running as soon as I reached the terrace, I felt that someone has just entered the bathroom and is probably washing my face, Who could it be, it was strong enough to instill fear in me, because there is no one in the house except us, in fear, I stretched my legs forward, as soon as I reached the door, a sharp voice came out of my mouth and I kept falling behind. save, 

Horror stories short : horror story for reading -

 When did you come here, it was still down, I asked Fareen while cleaning the sweat from my forehead?

Since when have I been like this. Why what happened? Farin replied.

   Saying nothing, I reached the running room, my eyes were torn, the whole body was dry with sweat, I said you were still up,

when was i up? It was me, sister must have gone - answered Fareen

I was scared, now I didn't feel like going in or going out

Where did the sister come out of her mouth?

Came out saying, I had just come out that Sister was seen coming, I was afraid even my eyes were not deceiving me ......

  Just then my Nokia 1100 phone rang,

I - hello papa,

From there I felt like a very loud atmosphere, there were sounds like crying,

What happened father, I repeated again,

Papa - son has become very bad, (frightened)

what happened papa?

Papa - Your aunt's daughter Saloni and her friend Fareen had an accident and She has been died ....

Died.. what papa? When did all this happen...

Today at 12 noon and Bo is gone from this world......

Saying this he disconnected the call .

As soon as Papa's call was cut, I found that the ground was getting wet under my feet. Well this was bound to happen. l The fear in my mind became so much that it was having a direct effect on my heart. The beating had become very fast, my breathing was also getting louder. Now after sometime I turned back and slowly took my steps towards the room. I thought didi will be inside how will I face her I went. I thought someone had turned off the lights. Immediately ran and reached the terrace. There seemed to be some movement around the neighborhood, so I felt a little relief. I lay on the same roof on the ground. But the mosquitoes and the weather got cold. Because of that I was getting restless and nervous. But I remained lying. When I closed my eyes, Saloni seemed to be standing in front.

    The condition had become so bad that even if someone came from the neighboring house, my heart started beating fast. It seemed to me that these two souls were all around me.

    Then came to mind let's recite Hanuman Chalisa then there will be no problem and started humming Hanuman Chalisa.

Hunger thirsty when was it gone?

   Wake up the lamp, we have prepared food for you. I slept hungry. Now let's eat something. Something like this sound was heard. And the food plate is served ahead. And this voice was of Saloni.

  I was already having such a terrible dream. Throat became dry, restlessness started. When I woke up for fear of water, my feet fell on the glass lying down. And a loud scream came out from my mouth.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasy who's there

Fear had filled my heart and mind. Who would be there? By then again the sound of knocking on the door came. With a little courage, I started going to the door. Thinking who could be.

  When I opened the door, I saw the landlord's father i.e. grandfather. I saluted him and asked him to come inside and simultaneously asked how late grandfather?

Grandfather replied that there was some work, it was late in coming.

I was feeling a little scared now. We started coming while talking. Grandpa said hey, is this house closed, it's a key or not. I said no problem, Grandpa, sleep with me. He said it's fine. I was wishing that someone should come near so that there is no fear because such an unpleasant incident can happen to anyone.

We had come to the room. I didn't tell anything about that incident to Grandfather. I wanted to sleep quietly. By then Grandpa started saying that you are sleeping so early?

I said don't tell

Will you hear the story?

yes hear me

Said it's okay I'll tell you

  There lived an old man and his old lady in a village. Both were very old and weak. The old lady could hardly cook food by crying, but even for a month, they used to eat the same thing. I was curious. asked whether he had no son or daughter?

So he told that he was the only son who lived in the city with his wife after marriage. Days went by. One day such an old man passed away due to weakness and illness. Then his son went home after locking the house in the city. i dont know when i slept ...

When I opened my eyes in the morning, I had no one with me. I looked here and there. Grandfather was not there. Fear started to arise. Then I thought I would be in the bathroom. It belonged to the owner. Said son Chavi had been found, was not able to call in the evening. Was very busy. I asked in reply what happened?

He said in a dobby voice - Father is no more.

Just then what was my condition and the blood has stopped coming out.

Who were they then? These questions were heating my mind again and again.

Now I have decided to go home.....

Story will be continue......

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