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The story of love : stories about true love - You are mine Part 1

 The Story of love : stories about true love - You are mine Part 1

The story of love
The story of love

It is the month of Sawan, in the morning itself, the thundering clouds in the sky, showing their status, had submerged the earth, the water was there everywhere,

And still it was raining raindrops.

It was time for Keshav to go to office, it had been a long time since he had left the bed, he was constantly looking out from the window of his room, looking outside it seemed that this drizzle was not going to end soon Yes, Keshav, standing in this dilemma, kept thinking about something.

On the other hand, Antara standing in the kitchen did not know what was thinking, the tea kept on the gas was constantly showing the enthusiasm of her youth, the tea was constantly booming. When the temperature got too high, the tea came out of the pot.

Kiran's attention was distracted by the sound of tea coming out, she cleaned the spilled tea and poured the remaining tea into the cup and placed it in front of Keshav standing in front of the window in the room, and without saying anything started staring at Keshav.

Keshav looked around once and without reacting picked up the tea and started drinking tea.

Antara had not slept in the night, she had dark circles under her eyes due to excessive crying, she had not even done any special makeup, so she was looking very lifeless today. Antara stood by the same window

Keshav finished his tea and went to the bathroom, then after a while he took a bath, got ready quickly, got out of his car and went to the office.

Today everything was not normal as usual, I was going thinking driving while driving,

Every day how Antara used to kiss her while giving her lunch box, how used to drop her till the door, and today there was neither lunchbox nor Antara's Kish,

Keshav was thinking while rolling his cheeks and lips.


The story of love
The story of love

Keshav reached his office but today he did not feel like working as usual.

His attention was forcing him to think again and again about Antara's behavior on the night.

After all, what had I done that he treated me like this,

Hey, I just talked to Naina, and there is nothing wrong about it, she is in trouble, she is asking for help from me,

I am his friend so if I don't help him then who will?

Moreover, she has come to this city only at my behest.

Now Antara should have no problem with this...

A lot of time passed while thinking….. Lunch time was about to happen, Keshab was not ready to agree, he was sure that Antara would call him once and ask him to have food,,,

He was keeping his eyes on his mobile phone again and again...

Every once in a while his phone rang... he thought I was thinking right... saw Antara's call came

As soon as she looked at the phone on the table, the smile on her face disappeared, because this call was not from Antara but from her boss Abni.

He received the call..

hello hello mam

A voice came from there, "Keshav, are you free now??

Keshav hurriedly said "Yes mam tell me I will be free"

Abni said "actully we have to go to a business meeting, and he is out of the city, so I speak to Sonu and book the ticket at the airport."

Now Keshav had no excuse to make, he said "Ok mem"

And Keshav had to go out for a meeting with Avni,

The story of love
The story of love

The office must have been over, but why hasn't Keshav reached yet.

Somewhere this witch has not gone to the same witch Naina's girl again, if she goes, what should I do, go to hell.. Saying Antara loudly hit her mobile phone with the opposite wall,,,,

The anger was so strong, it could be guessed by looking at the deteriorating condition of the mobile.............

Irrespective of her phone, Antara went to the balcony of the house and stood there and stood there.

After the meeting was over, Keshav thought, let's tell Antara that I will reach late, otherwise Khamkha will heat her head..

When he called, the phone was coming switched off.....

He tried again but the phone was ringing..

Now Keshav was worried.. but away from home and city.......

Story will be continue...

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