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Romantic Love Story - Music Love and Connection (EP-2)


Romantic Love Story - Music Love and Connection (EP-2)

The story of Love :

Oh man, how long will you keep crying for him, everyone, if you have performed well, then it does not mean that you should leave your work and sit down." Rishabh said climbing a little.

"What happened dude, why are you laughing, didn't you see him trembling?" Alok said with a smile.

“What has he done to everyone who has become a fan, dance is good for your Natasha, so you have never even mentioned that” Rishabh looked at Alok and said,

"Stop your nonsense, first tell me that tomorrow will also come for Ananya's practice" Virat asked excitedly.

“Yes brother, but we feel like you will not come tomorrow,” Alok said while having fun.

"Tomorrow I will definitely come" said Virat, teasing the strings of the guitar.

"First come out of his thoughts, then you will be able to come tomorrow, do not fall ill," Alok said in his own style.

In this, Harshit and Richa also bring their own guitar.

Richa said "Hello everyone".

"Hello, where have you been since then??" Rishabh said

Harshit - Hey man, this bhukkad was hungry, so we were in the canteen.

Pointing to Virat, Richa said, "Hey, what happened to Mr. Fislu, today you are playing a big romantic tune."

"Pyaar ho gaya hai kisi se" Alok pulls Virat's leg again

"Okay, today again" Richa also said, creating an atmosphere of fun.

"This is a beautiful, unknown, beautiful fairy whose style has died." Alok again prolonged the matter.

Even before Richa could say anything, Virat said, "Just do it, now there is nothing like this, yes by the way the dancer is good, she is no doubt".

Now Richa was silent, because she could not hear any other girl's praise from Virat's mouth,

Perhaps today her heart was broken again, Richa herself did not know why she was after Virat, whereas Virat used to break her heart every day.

"So Guys, almost two days have passed, still we haven't decided what we have to do" said Harshit sitting on the front chair

"Dude, do you do an instrumental performance on the song of a nineties, why do you guys speak?" Rishabh asked.

Virat gave his idea to "play a musical"

Harshit said thinking something, "But man, now we do not have time for that, can't do it."

"Why can't you, even the last time your seniors had played musicals, that too in two or three days of preparation," said Virat again emphasizing

"Dear, they had planned a month in advance, your mouth is opening today, how will you do the whole arrangement" Richa said worriedly.

Virat picked up his cell phone and said “Leave the arrangement to me”

Rishabh said with a taunt, "If you leave on you, you will have to leave"

Virat said being aggressive, "Rishabh, every time you do not put your leg in my midst, I am watching for a long time"

“Otherwise what will you do?” Rishabh also said keeping his guitar on the side

Virat stood up and said "I will break"

"Take it out of your mind, we are not less than anyone, yes you know that you are the son of the elder father, so it does not mean that you will go everywhere" shouted Rishabh

"Look, don't go to the father, the day I take advantage of the father's position, neither you will regret a lot" threatened Virat.

Stopping both of them, Alok said, "Do this years ago, you have sabotaged yourself, your show is done, and your instrumental performance is done. "

“Listen man, yes Virat is telling you only” said while being active, Harshit

"Say yes" said Virat softly.

Harshit again said, "Why do you look so angry, man, Alok has also gone, and yes hear Rishabh, why do you whisper so much?? Virat would have heard the one who was speaking, he must have thought something, then he did not speak.

“We have time, but we have talent, we can do it” Richa went to Virat and said, “What is the theme, tell Virat quickly”

Virat starts narrating his concept..(Back Ground Music)

Harshit picked up his guitar and played it and said, "Then why are we doing delay , let's start the rehearsal"

Richa said, "Wait to call Alok

"Hello Alok, don't warm your mind too much, come inside soon, have to rehearse." Richa calls Alok

Light comes soon

Virat starts playing the tune with his guitar.

First is first love.....First time is (Song)

"Alok what are you playing Mr. Fislu"

Virat looked in his eyes and said, "Back ground music of his show".

Alok, bringing a silbat on his forehead, said, "If you explain first, then it is right".

Virat, pointing towards the Bali chair in front, starts explaining saying,

 "The hero of his play is in love with dance and the hero with music, the two meet each other at an event and perform their own talents, both fall in love with each other, and then fall in love, But due to some circumstances, both are not able to be one.

We will show this concept through our music in front of the audience.....

Alok picked up the guitar and said "Great...sahi to hai yaar lag jao kaam par"

Pointing to Richa, Virat said, "Dude, you have to play the role of Nayaka."

Richa said "Ok, thanks, for understanding me worthy but what should I do?"

Virat said while sitting near Richa "You have to dance"

Richa held her head and said "Oh my God, how will I do dance practice so soon"

Virat was about to say something, till then again Rishabh said, "Only Bala above knows whether anything will happen to us this year or not."

Alok said "Please don't start with Rishabh Duwara"

After a brief discussion, Richa also agreed, and everything was set right, everyone was told their work, everyone sits down to make their own preparations.

After a while Peon came and asked everyone to come out to close the hall, everyone looked at the clock and it was 4 o'clock.

"Sit man, even today nothing happened," said Virat in despair.

Richa said "Let's go today and go out and complete the planning work, from tomorrow we will take some extra time and will rehearse continuously for two days."

And everybody goes out.

"Will you drop me Virat?" Richa asked, looking into Virat's eyes.

"You're crazy, what's the point of asking?" said Virat, hanging his guitar on his back.

"Thank you Virat passing the smile" said Richa

Then coming from the parking lot, Virat saw Ananya sitting in Vikram's car with his other friends, the desire to meet Ananya once again awakened inside Virat. Virat was feeling like seeing a girl for the first time today, as if something has been lost from her, was feeling incomplete, incomplete, Ananya's dedication, dance moves are coming in front of his eyes again and again. were | A lifeless desire was rising in his heart for Ananya, now Bo is opening or closing his eyes, in both the conditions he could see Ananya and her dance moves. Virat was sitting on the driving sheet in his car, spreading a restless smile on his face. Seeing this, Richa was feeling Jelesh,

Virat started thinking that if Ananya also performs in our show, then the show will be a hit, but the problem is that, how will we bring Ananya to the show, will Vikram allow her to come. Whatever happens now Ananya will perform with me, its my promise.

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