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The story of love : stories about true love - Music Love and Connection (EP-1)

 Romantic Love Story - Music Love and Connection (EP-1)

The Story of love 

The story of Love :

From today the preparation of the annual function had started in the college, like every year, this year also the students were eager to show their talent, and the most curious of those students was Ananya, who was a second year student of graduation, She loved dancing, not really like dance was her passion, she wanted to pursue a career in dancing in addition to studies, but due to her family background from rural area, she could not get encouragement and financial support from behind, That's why Ananya was looking for such special opportunities, through which she could bring her talent in front of everyone, she hoped that she would definitely get a chance to do something like this in this year's annual function.

There were groups of different students in different places in the preparation hall, all preparing with their own mentors.

Choreographer Vikram Singh (said in a little loud voice) - Shruti, please sit down now, you are not able to do these steps, do some rest, try again.

Shruti - (involuntarily) OK sir, I'm leaving.

Vikram - Sure |

Vikram - Next Please

By the way, Naina had to come, but in the middle, Ananya spoke,

Ananya - Sir, can I try please

Vikram looked at him with a long neck, at first he stared at Ananya standing in front from bottom to top and then said OK without knowing what to think.

Vikram - You are a second year student, aren't you?

Ananya - yes sir

Vikram - How are you in dance?

Ananya - Sir dance is my passion.

Vikram - Great, this is what is needed, less

On hearing this, the rest of the sitting students laughed. Ananya was a bit nervous, so she looked here and there while she was rubbing her lips with her teeth.

Vikram - come in front

Ananya comes in front.

Vikram ready. music

The song starts with the music in the background..

Coca-Cola Tu.......Sola Shola Tu...........

Ananya started doing dance movies with all her energy, the song lyrics and Ananya's dancing moves were perfect, everyone sitting in the hall started enjoying Ananya's energetic dance, more than half her own Standing at the place started supporting Ananya, Vikram was also impressed by the dancing moves, started watching her even more carefully, the whole hall started reverberating with the hum of songs and the sounds of whistles, everyone left their place. He had come and stood there.

On the other side of the hall there was a group of boys who were playing guitar, the noise of Ananya's dance was so much that the concentration of those guitar players was disturbed.

Alok (in a funny way) - who is the man? Has a star arrived?

Virat - just wait and let's see......

And those people also came there.

When Virat's first sight fell on Ananya, Ananya was breathing fast with her eyes down, sweat droplets were making a straight line on her cheek through her swirls, everyone was welcoming her with clapping, Vikram He had also left his chairs and was standing up and applauding.

In the midst of those thunderous applause, a voice came - Once more!

Ananya looked up and saw that Virat was staring at her wildly and was giving voice of Once More Once More, in the same way the rest of the people also gave their strength to Virat's voice, now almost everyone standing in the hall was in demand. - Once more!

Ananya accepted everyone's greetings with a smile, and vowed to drink water.

Vikram searched the water bottle here and there, looking so quick, Virat got the bottle out of his bag and put it in front of Ananya.

When Ananya looked in front, it was Virat who was giving water, both of them met for the first time and Ananya smiled.

A smile from Ananya was enough to drive Virat crazy, when Ananya returned the bottle after drinking water, she bowed her head and said thanks.

Still once more , sound had not stopped, so Ananya had to get ready to dance again.

Vikram speaks again - Music

The story of Love :

Ananya again started dancing with the same energy, this time there were more people watching her dance and there were more encouragement, again the whole hall resonated with applause and noise. Ananya wanted to give full force, because she wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity. Ananya's dance ended with a loud noise,

Nice dance dude,

set fire,

great performance,

Well Done Annu

keep it up

Bravo, bravo-like voices were coming, Ananya could not understand how to say thank you....

For Ananya, it seemed no less than a stage show, everyone was standing around her and wishing in their own style.

clapping thunder was such that no one could hear Ananya's thanks. Coming forward amidst the same applause, Virat once again spoke bravo and again put the bottle of water to Ananya.

Ananya - Saying thanks again started drinking water.

Now the rest of the mentors also started taking their students and asking them to concentrate on their work, only then Vikram's call came and he became busy.

Now Ananya had drank the water and she handed back the bottle to Virat standing in front.

Virat holds the bottle with one hand and extends the other hand - Hi, I am Virat

Ananya - Thanks, Ananya!

Virat - Nice name |

Ananya spread a smile on her face.

Virat - By the way, you are a good dancer!!

Ananya - Thank you Virat!

Virat was also trying to tell about himself that Vikram gave voice to Ananya.

Ananya - Ok bye, sir is calling, and Ananya left from there.

Virat - Buy Take Care |

Alok, standing together, nudged - let's take yours now too

Virat - Man... couldn't have called it in a while... Idiot

Alok - Dude, you don't want to do everything today, leave something for tomorrow as well.

Virat - You don't spoil your mind, what has happened now that you start your own drama

Alok (laughs) - So go, call Ananya

Virat - I wish you could do this, where has you given so much courage inside you?

Alok - Do not provoke us, otherwise we will go away.

Virat (laughs) - If you could have done this, then Latasha would be with you today.

Alok (by being a sad) - Dude, don't you catch our painful intoxication.

Virat - Friend why are being a sad, Latasha is still single and both start laughing, and leave with their group members.

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For Episode 2 Please Click Here

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