, pub-3595068494202383, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Scary Story for kids : Scary Story to read

Scary Story for kids : Scary Story to read

 Scary Story for kids : Scary Story to read

Scary Story for kids : Scary Story to read
Scary Story for kids : Scary Story to read

Cursed Yakshini -Scary story to read 

Virat came from the city for the first time in his village to spend a few days in his ancestral house and property, when Virat came to know about the old mansion of the village, he asked Raju about his secret.
On Virat's insistence, Raju took him to the mansion, and told his story.

Princess Vaishali had left the palace today with a sense of joy and binod to visit the city.
While traveling, she reached the hut of the monk outside the city, where the young sage was sitting in meditation under a banyan tree. The princess and her friends found a joke and together they started doing obscene acts with that perfect man, due to which their spiritual practice was disturbed, the monk got very angry and he took holy water from the kamandal kept with him and recited the mantra to the princess. cursed |
 "You are getting more excited at a young age, this will be the reason for your sorrow, the one you will marry will die before having a relationship with you."

As soon as Princess Vaishali heard the curse from the Siddha Purush, she fell at the feet of that Siddha Purush and started begging to take back the curse.
"O perfect man, I do not know who you are, I have made a big mistake, consider me ignorant and have mercy on me, take this curse back"
After crying and pleading for a long time, the sage took pity on him.
The sage said, "Oh girl, now I cannot take this curse back, because I have cursed all the gods as a witness, it is possible that if a man satisfies your sexual arousal, then you will be free from the curse, Till then you will have to be damned."

Then the princess came to her palace, and after a few years she was married to a prince, but due to the curse of the princess, her husband became a victim of unprovoked death at the very first time.

Then Virat asked Raju, "So is that Yakshini still waiting for the person who can satisfy her and get rid of that terrible curse."
Taking a long breath, Raju said, "Yes, it is so, no one from the village bothers to go inside this mansion."
Virat again asked curiously, "Raju bhai, did no villager or any fellow from outside even tried to satisfy that yakshini?"
"Yes, urban babu has done a lot but everyone has to give his life, if the Yakshini is not satisfied, then the neck separates from the body"
Virat's soul trembled after listening to Raju... and both of them left from there.

Virat went to sleep alone in his room at night, then he had a dream, a very beautiful princess is hugging him and loving him, and Virat also started loving her. Virat would have known anything about him that his eyes were opened...

Virat fell in love with that adorable Bali princess, and wanted to have her. Virat did not sleep the whole night.
But Virat did not tell anyone about this dream, but Virat was sad in his heart. Even though he had found that princess in a dream, but the magic of her beauty and beauty had engulfed both the heart and mind of Virat. Virat started thinking sadly that it was a dream, now that princess will not be able to meet now.

After eating food, Virat fell asleep again thinking the same thing, waiting for that princess's dream.
As if the boy above had listened to his wishes, the princess today again came to his dreams in the same beautiful and charming form and started making love with him.
When Virat asked her name and address, she told her name as "Vaishali".
On hearing the name Vaishali, Virat himself fell asleep, his hair stood up, he got up and he lit the light of the room, and then drank the water kept on the table, he stood in the balcony of his room and started thinking about the dream.

Thinking about it, I started getting very scared because Vaishali is the only princess and not the one who is living as a Yakshini in the mansion. She is so beautiful and attractive, so sensual, if a princess can come in my dream and give me so much happiness, then how much happiness will she really give. Virat's love was more than frightening stories. But Virat was still compelled, he could not do anything.

After standing for a long time, Virat again comes to his bed, and falls asleep.
As soon as he sees the eye, Princess Vaishali comes and falls in love with him again. Slowly, Princess Vaishali started filtering in Virat's mind, now Virat did not want to live without her even for a moment.
When Vaishali started leaving her half-unfinished love, Virat asked her the reason for leaving.
So he told that you have to come to my palace to go to the extent of love.
When Virat asked the address of his initiative, he told the way to the old mansion of the village.

The next day when Virat opened his eyes, he could not see Vaishali around him, now he could not live without Vaishali even for a moment, so he decided to go inside the old haveli.
And without informing anyone, he went towards the haveli to meet Vaishali.

When he reached near the mansion, he saw a very beautiful girl there, her appearance was exactly like the princess seen in the dream, she was looking exactly like Vaishali. She once turned to Virat and started going inside the mansion without saying anything... Virat also enters the mansion giving him a command behind her.

When Virat was going inside through the door, he saw many bone structures there as well as dislocated heads from the torso. He still wanted for the princess more than the care of his life, he was so bound by the fragrance coming from his body that even after wishing he could not go back. While walking, now he reached a big room... that room was decorated very beautifully, it looks as if it has been decorated with fragrant flowers today.. He was wondering how everything was already Has been done ...

Without delay, the Yakshini lifted her veil and said, "Hurry, I can't wait."
And Yakshini embraced Virat. Both started drowning in love affair...
After the Rati Kriya was completed, Virat noticed that in her arms she was not a beautiful, beautiful-bodied princess, but a beautiful girl with a look of contentment on her face...

Stories to be contine.....


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